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Kind Words from Clients

"I have been a client of Katrin's for many years and highly value her knowledge, professionalism and healing techniques. I am constantly amazed at the results of her treatments and thoroughly recommend Katrin."


- Helen




“Katrin has wonderful hands and they are guided by a great understanding, intelligence and sensitivity. I cannot think of her without a feeling of tremendous gratitude.”                   


- Michael Houstoun




“I have a chronic pain condition and medication has not helped. However, Katrin has been absolutely amazing! With her care and skill ( Ortho-bionomy and massage) she has helped me on the road to recovery”.

“Katrin has the ability to heal. She has many years’ experience and great knowledge.  I go to Katrin on a regular basis and notice my pain levels increase if I don’t see her.”

“I would most definitely recommend Katrin. Her approach is both professional and caring. She is careful, and also clever, in her ability to identify problems quickly and provide effective treatments ”.

“Katrin has a passion for helping others. She is absolutely the right person to visit. Her treatments are always successful”.


- Signed: Chronic pain sufferer.




"I am a farmer in the more senior age bracket and quite often I have work related joint injuries. Katrin's use of Ortho bionomy as well as several other modalities makes for a rapid healing and return to normal."                                                                         

"Recently I hobbled into her rooms with a knee injury which was really painful."            

"On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was at about 8.  After her treatment, I walked out with a pain level of about 1."

"I thoroughly endorse Katrin as a natural health practitioner."


- Del Rutherfurd




"I became unwell a few years ago and was hit with a recurring virus. By seeking advice from Katrin I started natural health treatments and the use of Active Elements."

"I haven't looked back, my energy levels changed, the virus has gone and I am a lot happier."


- Nicki



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